I - interviews & informational

Blood donation Q&A

A collection of Instagram Shorts created to promote and share information about blood donation.

Riproduci video
Riproduci video
Riproduci video

Former blood donor interview

A brief interview with Loretta, a former blood donor, aims to offer viewers a fresh perspective on the true meaning of blood donation: experiencing a sense of community and providing aid to those in need, regardless of knowing their identities.

P - promotional

Summer at the Office

“Summer at the Office” is a promotional video created for Viewtoo, a cutting-edge communication agency specializing in augmented reality. The aim was to create a sense of empathy of office workers by capturing the challenges of working indoors while facing the sweltering heat outside.

Throughout the video, a cleverly orchestrated tempo gradually builds, creating a sense of growing anticipation and excitement. As the scenes unfold, the viewer becomes increasingly curious about the video’s underlying message.

Riproduci video
under production

Villa Tosati B&B

A captivating promotional video for Villa Tosati B&B, situated in the heart of Monza, showcasing its blend of classic and modern styles. This striking video captures a unique atmosphere of elegance and comfort.

S - short films

Eating Disorders - docufilm

Eating Disorders is a short documentary film that gathers experiences from young individuals, allowing them to openly discuss their past or current struggles with these conditions. It explores their journey to recovery or ongoing efforts to overcome their disorders. The goal of this short film is to raise awareness about the widespread nature of eating disorders and the various types that exist, many of which are not widely known.

under production